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Adrian Crookston is an Italian-American accordionist specializing in the Northeastern Brazilian music style called Forró. He has studied Forró extensively and has travelled around the US, Europe, South America, and Asia with various groups. Currently in the US he plays with Forró de Quintal and The Palouse Forró Experience.  

Although Adrian is a musician that primarily focuses on performing Forró on the accordion, he plays a variety of other genres and instruments, writes original music, and teaches music. His hometown band, The Sultry Swines, released an album consisting of mostly original music. 

Adrian Crookston, an accordion mage who somehow fits 42 notes into every bar, keeps that squeezebox droning, and sings”


-American Standard Time 


Adrian Crookston drew eager waves of dancers toward the stage with Palouse Forró Experience, infecting the crowd with frenetic, rousing pace of Brazilian street music, reminiscent of troubadours and wandering gypsy bands, sometimes winsome and far too easy to dance to.”


-Nepali Times 


“Adrian Crookston's forró seems to have been a favourite at Jazzmandu this year.”


-Kathmandu Post 


“Despite seemingly never-ending lines on the keyboard and ever-changing bass notes, the accordion was the star of the show.


no one really knowing the specific dance, people couldn’t help but jump up and jive in whatever manner they saw fit.”


-Kathmandu Post

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